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"I now have a collection of three Aileen Hennessy paintings and I absolutely adore them. They brighten my day and every time I look at them I remember why they resonated with me. Aileen’s use of the colour palette is really evocative. Her themes are always relatable. When you buy a painting it’s usually because it connects with you and Aileen’s pieces particularly strike this chord."

- Denise S, Dublin


"I had the painting in my living room which was great but it didn't get any sunshine, I have now moved it to my bedroom and when the sun hits it in the morning its beautiful, I love it, absolutely stunning." 

- Neil, Scotland

"My first ever art purchase was a piece from Aileen. I had admired her art for some time and was blown away with the Storming of Jupiter and I am so happy to have had the opportunity to purchase it for my first home. I love the style of Aileen’s work and look forward to hopefully purchasing another unique piece in the future."

- Elisha, Hampshire.

"I own 3 pieces of Aileens artwork, one of which was a commission. Each of them unique and wonderful in their own right. I often find myself getting lost in one of the paintings, each time discovering new facets, the enormous depth within each of them has a way of transporting you somewhere truly mystical. Aileen has an incredible talent and is so passionate about her art, which truly reflects in the pieces. Dare I say, I may be back for a 4th piece, its difficult to resist.

- Melissa, Bristol

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