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Hello, I'm Aileen...

I’m an abstract artist, from Ireland, currently living in London.

I began my artistic journey a few years ago after deciding to leave my office job in the city to focus on what I truly love. It was pretty terrifying but I knew it was the only way to happiness.


I am primarily self-taught however I grew up watching my very creative Mother paint from an early age. I was always fascinated by the exotic names of the paints and the transformation that came from mixing colours.

The major theme of my work is emotion. I want to make a feeling visible to you in the colours, movement and the energy of the paint. 

Whether I’m painting about love, heartbreak, grief, the afterlife or those moments in life that change you forever. I want to extract the power of that emotion and translate it on canvas.

I believe the sea and emotions are woven so closely together; I find it a great visual for expressing how I feel. When I paint whether it is about dealing with something very difficult, I always aim to find something positive in the end.

I genuinely feel the tug on my heart when selling a painting but I feel so grateful that a buyer felt that connection and now it will take them to their happy place each day.

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