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If you have a question of your own just let me know.

  • Do you take commissions?
    Yes, I do occasionally. If you are interested please pop me an email so that we can discuss in further detail.
  • Do you ship internationally?
    Yes, I ship worldwide. All paintings are sent carefully rolled in a sturdy cardboard tube. On arrival, you will need to take the canvas to your local framing shop to have it carefully re-stretched on stretching bars and framed.
  • How often do you release new work?
    Its very difficult to give a set amount of time for releases as it really is when the feeling takes over and I want to paint. But, generally speaking every 5/6 weeks. Some pieces can be finished very quickly while others need a little extra time and love.
  • I've bought my painting, will it come framed?"
    Apologies, at this current time, there will be no framing option. In the current economic climate there are huge delays with getting pieces framed at my local framers and the costs are really skyrocketing. It just makes it too difficult for me to cover my costs and to confirm a correct turnaround time. This service may be added again in the future.
  • How do I find out when the you will be releasing new work?
    The best way to to keep up with news of any upcoming work is to sign up to my mailing list and you will receive an email before any new art goes on sale. You also will recieve discount codes from time to time.
  • What medium do you use?
    I mostly use acrylic on canvas but if anytime this changes I will make a note of it on my artwork.
  • What type of prints do you create?
    All my prints are on high-quality Archival Pigment prints on paper. The paper print is printed on cotton rag paper and comes with a white inch border. Paper prints need to be framed behind glass to protect against UV damage, moisture and dust.
  • Do you reproduce prints of all your original paintings?
    At the moment, I have a small selection of originals that have been chosen for print. If there is a piece that you would love to have a print of then please just get in touch and ask and I will see if it can be arranged.
  • Do the prints come framed?
    No, all prints are shipped rolled in a tube as they need to be framed behind glass which does not travel well. As soon as the print arrives, please handle with care and take it to your local framers to choose your preferred frame.
  • Do you sign your prints?
    Yes, all prints are hand-signed, titled and numbered on the front, in the white inch border.
  • Is there added texture on the prints?
    There is no added texture on the prints, all prints have a flat, matte finish.
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