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* a huge and often sudden, increase or advancement in something.


When youve tried and youve tried and you have pushed forward with something that you believe in so much but just at the point where your head starts to dip and faith is about to slam the door in your face - BOOM!


Its a huge breakthrough, one that youve been praying for, it was coming all along, You just needed to be patient and have faith that all was working in your favour behind the scenes. Its invigorating, intoxicating, what you want is about to unfold before youre very eyes...


A Quantum Leap (unframed)

£850.00 Regular Price
£650.00Sale Price
  • All paintings sold outside of the UK and Ireland will be sent rolled. On arrival, they will need to taken to a professional to be stretched and framed. This is the safest way to send paintings when transporting overseas. They will be rolled and sent in a strong cardboard tube and this service will be free of charge.

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