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In a world full of troubles, I needed an escape.

I imagined a world with no borders and I thought about who first created a divide, who first created ownership of anything or was it always there.

As I contemplated this idea, beautiful song by Mary Black came to mind. It’s called Heaven knows, no frontiers.

I wished for a moment that we could just all see the beauty of this vast and awe inspiring landscape we call earth. And just maybe, embrace peace and love.

This piece is called “Clouded Conscience”

I hope this will stir your love and appreciation for the world that we call home.

"Clouded Conscience”

  • All paintings sold outside of the UK and Ireland will be sent rolled. On arrival, they will need to taken to a professional to be stretched and framed. This is the safest way to send paintings when transporting overseas. They will be rolled and sent in a strong cardboard tube.

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