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They say that everything on this earth holds energy and that energy vibrates. We are surrounded by frequenies and our soul has its very own frequency. 


Its vibration is unique just like a fingerprint. If you have ever felt instantly connected to a person or place then it is likely that both of your frequencies sparked in the most beautiful kind of way.

I imagine this is how mine would look just as I set foot on Irish soil. Strong, eneregetic, connected, balanced and renewed.

Soul Frequency (unframed)

£795.00 Regular Price
£595.00Sale Price
  • All paintings sold outside of the UK and Ireland will be sent rolled. On arrival, they will need to taken to a professional to be stretched and framed. This is the safest way to send paintings when transporting overseas. They will be rolled and sent in a strong cardboard tube and this service will be free of charge.

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