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A type of baptism if you will, it cleanses away all that you percieved was wrong with your life before you set foot in the water.


A deep dive in and the weight of all your worries eased by the crash of a determined wave. Your breathing calms in harmony with beat of the tide. That feeling is undescribable, like a rebirth.


You smile as you march towards the sand, light in mind and body. 

Confident that life is beautiful and should only be treated with gratitude, what were you thinking before you entered the water?

Perception shifted.

Purification of the Soul (i) (unframed)

£850.00 Regular Price
£695.00Sale Price
  • All paintings sold outside of the UK and Ireland will be sent rolled. On arrival, they will need to taken to a professional to be stretched and framed. This is the safest way to send paintings when transporting overseas. They will be rolled and sent in a strong cardboard tube and this service will be free of charge.

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