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As I painted alone, I lamented the loss of my dear father, it was still very much fresh.

I listened to some traditional Irish music, to feel closer to him and to my beloved home of Ireland.

I was in depths of grief as the next song played the most haunting sound of bagpipes, the intro took its time with dramatic effect. And then, out of nowhere a soul- stirring voice spoke in half song/ half word.

The first line played and abruptly stopped me in my tracks - “Come back Aileen, come back again, don’t let your spirit lie.”

Caught up in a Lament (framed)

  • All paintings sold outside of the UK and Ireland will be sent rolled. On arrival, they will need to taken to a professional to be stretched and framed. This is the safest way to send paintings when transporting overseas. They will be rolled and sent in a strong cardboard tube and this service will be free of charge.

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