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"One line was all it took"

It can change everything, if you let it.

I grew up in the quiet countryside of Ireland, my parents were farmers and the land around was all ours to explore. I fell in love with nature, my parents always had such a passion for being self- sufficient, growing all our own vegetables, caring for the animals and leaving the land in better condition than it was before they came along for the next generation to cherish.

It was a very creative home, my mother painted beautiful landscapes, carved wood and made the coolest dresses for me on demand. (I was very lucky girl!)

My father farmed mostly but in later life took up wood turning making unique and exquisite bowls, table lamps etc. that I now show off proudly in my own home. It couldn't have been a more creative home if it tried.

I liked to be creative too and dreamed of being an artist but to this day I can remember a teacher in school innocently talking about what we were going to be when we grew up and she said "If you cant draw a straight line, you will never be an artist" In my ridiculous over analysing mind, I decided there and then - I don't really think I can draw a straight line so Ill have to give up that dream. One line, was all it took.

Over the years, having a relatively successful career in sales and travelling as much of the world as I could, that very line randomly popped into my mind on many occasions. In particular, one time when I was in Cairns, Australia watching the sunset. I was looking at this beauty unfold before my very eyes and I just felt the strongest need to paint what I saw or at least imprint it in my mind to paint one day. I argued with myself in mind, that it was a flippant comment that the teacher made all those years ago and what the hell does she know and hang on when was the last time I even tried drawing a straight line and maybe I could learn to draw a straight line?

Years later, painting with my toddler I was really struck by how he splashed the paint with abandonment, danced with the brush and just completely let go. I couldn't stop smiling, I decided there and then to free myself from this one line that had haunted me for far too long. The very next day I skipped off excitedly to the Arts shop - bought my canvas and a set of acrylic paints and brushes. I was so nervous that I might paint something awful and my half dream of being an artist would have to be crushed because I was actually rubbish and I could no longer hide behind a teachers comment.

I hushed my mind, let loose on the canvas and said Que sera, sera!! The release of pent up energy was one of the greatest feelings ever, I felt like I had opened Aladdin's cave! It wasn't the greatest painting ever but that didn't matter I adored the feeling so much that I have not stopped painting since nor do I intend to..

Moral of the story is please just follow your dream, you know you have one. Don't make a million excuses as to why it wont work like I did, don't let "one line" change the course of your life in a negative way.

I smile from ear to ear as I write MY very first blog - for MY website - selling MY art. Pinch me now!

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